Five Bathroom Renovation MUST Haves

Updated: May 28

Bathroom renovations are a lot of work, but the end result is well worth it. You have your tiles picked out, your new shower all imagined, your new sink and vanity all done, so what else could you be missing? Well, we at BC Team want to make sure you have these five bathroom renovation must haves.

Bathroom Renovation Must Have 1: Good Lighting

Never, ever compromise on the lighting during a renovation. The right lighting will help you clearly see all of those close-up tasks you do everyday; that way you’ll look your best every time you leave your home. Windows, skylights or even glass doors requirements for any renovation, especially a bathroom renovation. You’ll want good lighting so the room looks bigger, but also so you look good in the mirror.

You want to showcase you and your space in the best light possible. That is why bathroom lighting is so important. However, this doesn’t just mean what’s overhead or the typical sconces above the mirror.. Lighted mirrors and medicine cabinets are extremely beneficial for everyday activities like applying makeup or shaving.

Bathroom Renovation Must Have 2: A Luxury Shower

Nowadays, the luxury of taking a bath isn’t very common. So why not splurge on something that you’ll use every day?

Find a way to incorporate a walk-in shower with dual rainfall showerheads. You can easily do this by converting your shower/tub combo into a large walk in shower. It won’t change the layout of your bathroom and will make the room feel so much bigger. Add in a built-in bench and you’ll have the same luxury as you would with a bath.

You can add in linear drains to make curbless showers as well! Curbless showers provide homeowners with a blank canvas without a threshold. There’s no need for bulky retainer walls or anything to make the space smaller. This provides homeowners with unlimited options for their shower. They can bathe in luxury.

Bathroom Renovation Must Have 3: Personality

No one wants a cold bathroom. We don’t mean the temperature either. We mean something that is without any personality. Something that just feels cold and empty; a room that only exists for one reason: to be a bathroom.

A bathroom should reflect you and your individual taste and style. It should have a splash of color, some design elements that you adore like geometric patterns, plants, natural lighting, rich wood tones or whatever you love. Have a bathroom you’re proud of, not one that just fills a need. That’s the whole point of bathroom renovations right? Making them fit your style and function.

Bathroom Renovation Must Have 4: Quartz Countertops

If you live a busy life, then you don’t have time to worry about permanently staining your granite countertop with makeup or soap residue. That is to say that granite is highly resistant to stains and very easy to clean. If you don’t have time or don’t want to worry about scrubbing your bathroom, then quartz is for you.

Just avoid using highly alkaline or acidic cleaners will hurt your quartz counters. If an extremely acidic or alkaline solution falls on your countertops run and grab a wet cloth dipped in water and mild detergent then clean it up. Keep nail polish, oven cleaner, turpentine, drain cleaners, bleach, methylene chloride, and all other harsh agents away.

Bathroom Renovation Must Have 5: Good Storage

There are so many styles that are appealing, but if a bathroom isn’t convenient, then it’s not perfect. If it’s beautiful but has no home for my stuff or lacks space to move around properly then the whole remodel is a failure. So don’t forget your storage!

Bathrooms have so many storage options that can keep things out of sight. Cabinetry under sinks and medicine cabinets are the common options, but you can think outside of the box too. This is especially true if you don’t want to dig through a ton of areas to find your makeup or vitamins.

You can try tall linen storage in the bathroom for storing towels and giant cases of toilet paper, or open shelving for medicine cabinets for easy access to certain items. Towel hangers (and towel warmers) are hung on the wall and save a ton of space as well.

If you want to incorporate any of these into your bathroom renovation, then give us a call at the BC Team. We’ll be happy to help you get any and all of these ideas into your home.

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