What Does “As Is” Condition Mean

When you see the words “buying in as-is condition,” what does that mean to you? For most, it means that someone is willing to purchase something from you, without you putting in any effort to restore it. However, this can come with some anxiety — what if the buyer sees the condition and doesn’t want it, despite promising they’ll take it in “as is” condition? What if the potential buyer wants you to repaint a wall or do a small repair before they buy it? Well, if that happens, then they’re not buying in true “as is” condition.

Those possibilities are very real and very scary, especially if you’re looking to sell your home as is. Home repairs and renovations are costly and take a lot of time that you may simply not have. That’s why, when you sell to The BC Team, “as is” means “as is.”

When we say we’ll buy your home for cash without asking for any renovations, upgrades, or repairs, we mean it. Whatever condition your home is in, we’ll buy it just like that. Fire damage? We’ll buy it. Water damage? Sold. A total fixer upper? We don’t care — here’s our offer.

With us, it really is that simple and easy.

Perks of Selling in “As Is” Condition

While it’s true you may be able to get more for your home if you pay to fix it up, that’s not always the most desirable or accessible option.

As we mentioned before, fixing up your home is costly. If you try to sell your home as is in the traditional market (through a real estate agent), then prospective buyers are given a chance to do inspections and negotiate any recommended repairs. That means if you want them to buy your home, then you’ll have to fix it up for them. A typical buyer usually wants a move-in ready home, and it would be your contractual duty as the seller to do that for them (assuming you accept their offer).

When you sell your home for cash through The BC Team, we don’t do any of that. There’s no repairs, no renovations, and no obligation for you to fix up your home. We’ll take it as is, guaranteed. This saves you money and saves you time. As a bonus, we also let you set your closing date, meaning you don’t move out until you’re ready to. You can’t get that kind of flexibility with a traditional sale.

Why Do We Buy Homes in “As Is” Condition?

By now, you’re probably asking why we do all of this. At the BC Team, we’re your neighbors. We’re regular families who have gone through financial hardship, who have inherited homes and not known what to do with them, and have gone through trouble that left us with homes filled with bad memories. We know how much of a burden that can be and we believe that no one should feel trapped because of a home.

That’s why we’ll buy it from you, for cash, no matter the condition it’s in. If we can help you avoid foreclosure, help you buy a new home after a fire or flood, or take the burden or renovation and repairs off of you, we’ll gladly do it.

By now, you must be thinking, “okay, I get that. But what about your offers? They have to be low.” While it’s true that our offers might be lower than if you tried selling it directly to the next homeowner, we're not low-balling you. All of our offers are based on our home evaluations and market value, meaning you are getting a fair price for your home every single time.

Additionally, you’re avoiding the hassle of listing your home with an agent (or by yourself) and are guaranteed a quick and easy sale. There’s no back and forth with buyers, no repairs, and no short timeline. Simply put, we do everything we can to work with you to sell your home at a fair price, without the stress of the real estate market.

Laws For Buying/Selling “As Is” Homes

Every state has legislation on buying and selling homes in as is condition. For total transparency purposes, we’re going to quickly outline them here. We buy homes in Arizona and Michigan.


Recently the Arizona Court of Appeals held, that despite the existence of an as is clause in a contract, a seller is subject to liability if they fail to disclose known property defects to the buyer, or if they prevent the buyer from discovering those defects. This is a form of fraud.

That is why we like to evaluate the home — it helps protect you! Don’t worry — nothing will scare us away, so don’t be afraid to disclose anything you know. We’re repeating ourselves now, but it doesn’t matter to us if there is water or fire damage, or if its roof is falling in. We’re interested!


Michigan laws are similar to Arizona’s. You are required to disclose all known problems with the house, as well as any other factor that would have a substantial impact on the value of the property or its desirability. This includes environmental issues, such as asbestos, radon, lead paint, contaminated soil, or underground storage tanks.

You will also need to disclose all of the following:

  • Condition of the property

  • Structural modifications

  • Proximity to property nuisances

  • Shared features such as driveways, fences, or yards

  • Any historic features or landscapes on the property

If you need to sell your home fast, then you know who to call. No matter the condition of your home, the required repairs, or the reason behind selling, we’re there for you. We can’t say it enough: we want to help you by giving you a fair, fast, and easy selling experience. You call us, we give you a cash offer for your home, and you move out when you’re ready. It’s really that simple. If you’re interested or want to learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 480-571-2461.

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