What Happens After I Sell My Home For Cash

When you sell your home, you’re leaving part of your past behind you. For some, that’s a good thing, but for others, it can be a little hard. It’s natural to feel sad and it’s natural to be curious about what will happen to your home after you sell it. You’re probably wondering, “What happens after I sell my home for cash?” At The BC Team, we want to be completely transparent with you so you can make the right choice for yourself.

When you sell a home in the traditional way, meaning listing it through a real estate agent, the potential buyers are likely going to be families. You know they’ll live in your home and thrive it in, and likely make a few renovations along the way.

When a cash investor, like us, buys your home, the future of it is a little more uncertain. So, what happens after you sell your home for cash?

Step One: You Pick the Closing Date

After you’ve accepted our offer, you get to pick the closing date. That means you get to choose when everything is finalized and when you move out. Whether you would like to close in 7 days or in 100+ days, we can be flexible to suit your needs. That’s what sets us at the BC Team apart from everyone else — we don’t put a deadline on you. If you need 6 months, you’ll get 6 months.

This way, you don’t feel rushed or worried about finding a new place to live. We know how stressful it can be to find a new home — it takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Plus, we understand that not everyone who needs to sell has someone to go to right away. We vow to be patient and to work with you, no matter what.

Something to Consider Before Accepting Our Offer

Depending on the condition of your home, we may renovate it and resell it, or we may tear it down and start from scratch.

We know this isn’t for everyone. If you are attached to your home and don’t want it to change, we don’t recommend selling it to us. We know how much a home can mean to someone. Selling it is a big decision and it’s hard to let go sometimes. That’s why we’re not going to push you to sell your home to us if you don’t want to.

Step Two: Inspect and Envision

Once everything is wrapped up nicely and you’re moved out, that’s when we take things over. A majority of the homes that we buy for cash are in need of renovations and repairs, or aren’t salvageable. No matter the condition of the home, we treat it with respect and do what is right for the future family who will inhabit it. Sometimes, that means tearing it all down.

If it’s not a fixer upper, then we still treat it with the same level of love and care to respect the memories you made there. We see the potential in every home and in every lot.

To begin, we do a thorough inspection to see what needs to be fixed up. We handle all of the upgrades and renovations that other buyers would want you to do. This is our planning phase. If you drive past, you’ll likely see us walking around the property and taking notes, drawing up mock-up designs, or doing some demolition to see the condition of the home.

Step Three: It’s Time to Build

This is where the fun begins. With all of our blueprints and plans drawn up, we’ll start demolishing what needs to be demolished, renovating what needs to be renovated, and building what needs to be built.

Our team of in-house contractors will be working on your home and breathing new life into so the next family can enjoy it as much as yours did.

Step Four: We Sell it to Its New Owner

By selling to us, you know that you are a pivotal part of the process. Every home we buy, we breathe new life into so new families can make their own memories in it. You’ll know exactly who will end up in your home once we’re done with it — a young couple or family who is looking for their forever home.

Our passion comes from just that: helping you sell your home, giving life to that new home while respecting the memories you made there, and making it a place for beautiful new memories to form. That’s why we do this.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process, want to sell your home for cash, or are looking to buy a home, give us a call at 480-418-5768! We’ll be happy to help you too.

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