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What Should be Included In Your Custom Home Remodel?

Are you in the process of planning your custom home remodel? That’s great! You should be both proud and excited that you’re taking the steps to make your dream home a reality. One great thing about building a new custom home is that you don’t have to settle for standard features and finishes. Creating a home that’s uniquely yours is what makes a custom home special.

If you’re at a loss of what to add in your custom home, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these tips that will help improve your home’s value, efficiency, and more!

Make Sure the Home Design Fits Your Lifestyle and Needs

We can’t stress it enough – the design of your custom home should be thought out to fit your current and future needs. Before you start the remodeling process, you should ask yourself why you’re remodeling in the first place.

If you’re remodeling to update your home, such as redoing your kitchen or bathroom, then make sure it is functional and stylish. For instance, if you plan on having kids in the future or want to host more dinner parties, ensure there is plenty of prep space and areas to walk or sit.

If you’re adding an addition to your new custom home remodel, ask yourself what the point of the addition is now and how you can use the space in the future. Say you’re building a home office. Will that space be viable as an office in 5 years? If yes, great! If not, make sure you plan for other uses as well, such as a spare bedroom. That means probably not using glass French doors, adding a closet for storage, and making sure the window placement is viable for a bedroom.

Consider A First Floor Master Suite

Renovating a home can be a big job or a small one. For larger projects, such as redoing the first floor, consider relocating your master suite. The space will be uniquely yours and will help increase the likelihood of you staying in your home for longer. Think of it this way: the less stairs you have to deal with, the safer and more convenient the room will be as you get older.

Ensuring it is a suite also means you won’t be sharing a bathroom, you will have your own dedicated closet, and you’ll be separated from your kids and guests, if need be.

You Need a Gourmet Kitchen

On average, people spend just over an hour a day in the kitchen for all three of their meals, not including the time it takes to clean. That means you’re spending 365 hours in one room, every year. It may not seem like a lot, but a gourmet kitchen that fits your needs can either increase that time (out of enjoyment) or decrease it (out of efficiency). Consider what you want your kitchen to be.

We personally recommend including a kitchen island in your renovation. Islands are popular and practical, as they provide separated counterspace. You can put anything on them too, from a bar top, to your kitchen sink. Use them to naturally improve the flow and efficiency of your kitchen so your back isn’t always turned to your family or company.

Don’t forget the pantry too! A walk-in pantry is a must! It adds a whole new dimension of convenience and comfort to any kitchen without sacrificing cabinet space. Think of it this way: large boxes of cereal can fit without any hassle, as can pots, pans, and pet food!

What About a Floor-to-Ceiling Fireplace?

If you like fireplaces, nothing can beat the warm and inviting flair of a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. A mental will help add depth, while the floor-to-ceiling rock feature will give your home a nice accent wall. It will make the living room the favorite room of the house!

Master Bathroom: Add a Freestanding Tub

Freestanding bathtubs are timeless and designed with your comfort in mine. While you can choose to combine your shower and tub, or choose one or the other, we recommend having both. A shower for convenience, and a tub for nights you just need to relax. There is nothing like a long and leisurely soak after all!

You’ll Need One Custom Home Builder Team

You can skip all of the tips we mentioned if you’d like, but an absolute must is having one team. Take us for example. At the BC Team, we’re home builders in AZ who handle everything, including plumbing. Why is this important?

Because it gives you one single point of contact during the entire custom renovation process. You won’t have to worry about talking to one person about plumbing, another about the kitchen, and another about what interior finishes you plan on choosing. It’s all done through one team, one company, and one person.

This helps lower stress on your end while increasing the likelihood of a seamless remodel, rather than one that was patched together by many different contractors.

One team also provides more flexibility and creativity. Custom home builders give you the best chance of turning your dream home into a reality. Not only that, it’s done with high-quality materials and on-site staff. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today and see what the BC Team can do for you.

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